Monday, November 22, 2010

BYBS: Discourse

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I'm a member of a book club and we just got finished discussing a book I had recommended.  Normally, I am (ahem) somewhat less than thorough with respect to reading the book beforehand.  This time, since I was the one who was supposed to lead the discussion, I felt more of an imperative to be prepared.  I'm not a big fan of using stress to bring out the best in oneself, but I did learn more because of it.

Another benefit that I got from the experience were the insights that others brought to the discussion.  It was interesting to see what other people thought about some of the concepts in the book: how they differed from what I thought, insights that I would not have gotten on my own.

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Tanis said...

researching thoroughly can be pretty fun - if you're interested in what you're researching thoroughly. I couldn't care less what the 1979 lineup for the Toronto Maple Leafs was, their stats and scores and what not, but you give me a book on King Arthur or horses and I'll devour it. Cross referencing (especially when it comes to Arthurian Legand) is really important I find - so many different opinions, so many views, they have to intersect somewhere. And when somebody challenges your opinions or gives you a new view on things, I'm not usually one to fight back, but if I know I'm right, it's nice to be able to tell them this is why I'm right....
Anyways, I hope your discussion went well, and book clubs sound like an interesting thing to be part of :) Good job.