Sunday, June 07, 2009

BYBS: Wikipedia

I don't know how many times I've turned to Wikipedia for information, but it's a lot. The site consistently has very high quality articles on an unbelievable range of topics. What's more, the whole thing is put together by the very people who browse the web.

In short, the site is a showcase for what I wish more of the web was like: people working together to help each other in an "ain't it cool?" sort of way.


PERBS said...

Yes, it has helped me many times but you have to be careful in taking everything as gospel there because it is put togethe by everyday contributors, like you and I. Occasionally, they print something that is misleading or just plain wrong. But, you are right, the concept is definitely a blessing to all.

Thanks for visiting in the past. I have appreciated your comments.

Tanis said...

It is a wonderful resource, even when it's not for an actual research project, just for curiosity's sake. But Ben's profs frown on using it as a source in papers because it's written by the "commoner". *shrug* it's good enough for me! :D

SandyCarlson said...

Wikipedia is a lot of people working to get it right for everyone else--slugs aside. But the slugs self sort and it's all good.

God bless.