Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Good Host

A strange host

There is one school of thought that says that we are just hosts to ideas: that the ideas are the species and that we are a way for them to perpetuate themselves. While that casts human beings as mere beasts of burden, I always liked to think that we have more to say about what's going on than that.

One way of looking at it is that we are hosts, as in "would you like to have dinner with me and the wife?" style of thing. In that sort of situation you have the choice about who is going to come to the event and who won't.

While this still does not allow for complete freedom (annoying commercial jingles that you cannot get out of your head anyone?), it does allow room for consciously trying to promote something by being the host. In particular, I like to think that we can choose to promote what we view as good, as beautiful, or right.

I admit that I don't have any original ideas, and that the best I can do is just borrow what looks good to me. This seems like a nice compromise.


PERBS said...

I don't think it is important that the ideas we have are original . . . it's how we put them together/use them that makes the difference. I think each personality adds or takes away from the original and thus, it looks like our own original idea. Ü

SandyCarlson said...

I guess we can be gracious hosts and let all the guests in to enjoy or picky, snobby hosts, and stick with our own. A lovely metaphor.

Blue Panther said...

I think that this is a post with some food for thought. Most of our ideas are rarely original, but we like to think of them as original. But I am sure, every now and then we do have some original ideas, and that is when the host become the species!

Have a great week ahead.

PERBS said...

Missed your new post for this meme today. Hope you will be back next week!

CyberCelt said...

My head hurts from reading that post. I have heard that mankind has not had an original thought in thousands of years.